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Want to help set up a Baseball Camp for your Travel Team or Youth  Organization? 

Defense Clinics 
  • Work on Establishing the fundamentals of Infield & Outfield 

  • Proper Glove Work Drills 

  • Drills to Master the Footwork needed to be an Elite Defensive Player 

  • Build Confidence as a Defensive Player 

Hitting Clinics 
  • Learn how to craft a swing that will lead to more success at the plate 

  • Learn Drills to help establish the proper lower half sequence to free up your swing path 

  • Work on building an approach at the plate 

Pitching Clinics 
  • Learn how to establish an Arm Care Routine that will lead to a Healthy Arm that prevents Injuries 

  • Drills that will allow you to throw more strikes & Command the Strike Zone 

  • Learn Drills & Techniques that allow you to work on Pitching without Increasing Stress on the Arm 

PowerFuel Athletics Even Offers Coaches Clinics For Youth Organizations

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